Dumbbell bench press: how-to, proper form, tips

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Dumbbell Chest Press Anatomy And Muscles Worked

The stereotype that has developed about the bench press makes the sustenon 300 beloved by “green” and not quite athletes. And this love is also helped by the fact that in the halls, indeed, the athletes “stick” to the iron, here the “follow the crowd” syndrome works (well, what’s worse).

It is clear that the horizontal press is considered a classic for pumping the muscles of the chest, but you do not need to work exclusively with it (raised to the absolute). Among the many exercises there are many not worse, not inferior in productivity (even superior), which are forgotten or rarely performed. An example is a bench press of dumbbells.

The muscles that are involved in the bench press with dumbbells demonstrate a muscular atlas:

Dumbbell bench press - Borstoefeningen, Borsttrainingen en ...

From this figure it is clear that the muscles of the chest receive the greatest load. In addition to them, triceps, deltas and biceps are actively loaded. If we compare the bench press of the dumbbells with the bench press, the sust 350 with the dumbbells is less coordinating, but there is no need to monitor the movement of the bar, which helps the trainee to concentrate on the technique of squeezing the projectile.

The greatest load falls on the bottom of the pectoral muscles, which are greatly stretched and tensed.

The dumbbell bench press has the following advantages over the barbell:

  • greater range of motion;
  • the possibility of an independent study of each pectoral muscle;
  • lack of need for partner insurance;
  • the ability to change the position of the shells at the top, due to which the load is directed, the pectoral muscle is felt as accurately as possible on the pectoral muscle;
  • more options;
  • free weights are always available in the halls, in contrast to the bar, to which “do not get crowded.”

Dumbbell Press Kinematics

The main driving force in the bench press is the pectoral muscle.

The triceps muscle assists her, and the deltoid anterior also helps. Stabilizers are: dentate anterior muscle, coraco-brachial and pectoralis minor. In order to “neutralize” part of the body, there are sustanon and deca. When raising the projectile and lowering, the elbow and shoulder joints are involved.

The main function of the pectoral muscles is the reduction of the humerus to the horizontal and its movement in a horizontal plane to the center of the body. A similar function is assigned to the anterior deltoid muscle, which is why they maintain weight over the chest (the work of the pectoral muscles occurs in a favorable plane).

Dumbbell Chest Press Technique

First step.

  • Dumbbells with each hand are taken so that the palms are turned inward.
  • They sit on a bench with them, putting shells on their hips, but placing them closer to their knees.
  • Leaning back with the body, dumbbells are thrown onto the chest with the help of knees.
  • In the starting position, they should be just above the chest or to the side.
  • There should be a right angle between the shoulders and forearms, the feet rest firmly on the floor.
  • After lowering your back, take a deep breath as much as possible.

Second step.

  • Exhale by squeezing up the projectile.
  • Hands at the top should fully straighten, not “lock” the elbows.
  • The shells are at the top together (or almost).

Third step.

  • Straining your chest muscles, linger at the top point.
  • Then, dumbbells slowly return the dumbbells to the IP.
  • Training repeat the set number of times.

The picture will help to understand the technique:

How To Do The Dumbbell Bench Press | Coach Exercise Guides

Waiting for progressive muscle building, it is recommended that 4 to 6 repetitions be performed in each of 2-3 sets.

An exercise that is not difficult from a technical point of view, if performed incorrectly, will not give the expected result, and besides this, it can cause serious consequences, therefore it is worth talking about the sustabolin 350.

Dumbell Press Common Mistakes

Errors when doing the dumbbell press can be:

  • throwing shells on the floor from a prone position. This can lead to damage to the shoulder joints;
  • leg movement during the bench press dumbbells;
  • lie on a bench with a “flat” back, without making a deflection;
  • dumbbell press not diagonally, but parallel to each other;
  • work with large weights that distort the technique;
  • strikes by shells in the upper position;
  • delay at extreme points where respite is not planned;
  • ignoring the warm-up, without which injuries can not be avoided.

Dumbell Chest Press Technique Features


So that the equipment does not suffer, and the result is visible, it is useful to get acquainted with the technical chips:

  • It’s advisable not to throw dumbbells on your chest, but ask Seto to do a partner;
  • for a good stretch of the chest at the bottom of the trajectory, choose a bench not too wide;
  • if you use collapsible dumbbells, be sure to check their strength before doing the bench press;
  • in order to free themselves from shells, they need to be deployed in parallel at the lower point, then lower gently down;
  • can be performed, but in reverse order, the casting process;
  • elbows are kept below the shoulders (if there are no injuries), the angle is maintained at 60-70 degrees;
  • to make your chest feel stronger, experiment with the corners and trajectories of the bench;
  • deflection in the spine is maintained during the entire exercise;
  • weight should be squeezed due to the tension of the pectoral muscles, without the help of the body and hands;
  • to move shells during lowering and lifting, you need to synchronously in a plane that is perpendicular to the athlete.

Dumbbell Press Execution Options

Multivariance is one of the advantages of the sustanon 250 gains.

When working with these sports equipment, you can change the working surface (tilt of the bench), the trajectory, angle, type and width of the grip., Perform with one or two hands, lying along and across the bench.

Dumbbell Bench Press Options

The dumbbell press on a Swiss ball:

NASM's Optimum Performance Training

Acting on the basis of the knowledge gained about the dumbbell press, you will soon become the owner of a big chest to the delight of yourself and the envy of others.


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