Ab roller workout to target your core

You can adjust the figure not only in the gym, but also at home. It will be possible to create a mountain of muscles, it is unlikely, but to tighten and make muscles elastic, home training in strength. To do this, there is a wonderful sports equipment – a press roller designed to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen.

What muscles does ab roller target?

The sustanol 300 is not expensive and it is simple. Despite this, the exercise is difficult due to the underdeveloped abdominal region of the muscles of the back and abdomen.

Oblique and rectus muscles practically do not work, i.e. shrink isometrically with slight bending under the resistance of the waist.

If there is no flexion at the waist, they work as stabilizers of the waist and pelvis when the hip joint is bent.

The full ensemble consists of the following muscles:

  • iliac-lumbar – targeted area;
  • synergists – tailor muscle, latissimus dorsi, crested, round large, rhomboid, posterior delta, wide fiction tensor, short adducting and long, small and large pectoral;
  • stabilizers are: clavicular section of the pectoralis major, oblique abdomen, straight, triceps, wrists flexors;
  • straight thigh muscles – dynamic stabilizers;
  • spinal rectifiers are stabilizing antagonists.

The muscles in the picture below are clearly visible:

Exercise Roller for Muscle Press

What are the benefits of exercise of ab wheel workout

There are a lot of benefits:

  • the strength of the muscles of the press develops;
  • muscles of the core are strengthened, i.e. a strong muscle corset is created;
  • up to 20 muscle groups are involved in the process;
  • in comparison with crunches, the oblique and straight muscles of the abdomen are more active;
  • increases endurance, muscle mass and working weight in squats;
  • posture becomes better;
  • back pain is reduced;
  • the rate of basal metabolism increases, i.e. ability to burn calories during periods of activity;
  • muscle coordination becomes better.

Correct Technique Increases Ab Wheel Exercises Productivity


To understand how to do the exercise, it is important to get acquainted with the nuances.

Preparation, or what does the starting position look like?

  • Having picked up a shell, go down on all fours to the floor.
  • Holding the projectile strictly under your shoulders on outstretched arms, lock yourself in that position.

First step.

  • On inspiration, a projectile begins to roll slowly forward, after which the body is carried away, straightening and stretching.
  • Move as far as possible, but do not touch the floor with your body.
  • After pausing at a distant point, pull the body back to its original position, exhaling as it cuts.
  • Repetitions given must be performed.

Technique of the ab roller exercise:

Как проработать всё тело одним упражнением: lena-miro.ru — LiveJournal

Ab Roller Wheel Exercise Tips


Tips to get the most out of your roller exercise:

  • you need to roll the shell slowly;
  • muscles of the press remain tense throughout the trajectory;
  • in a stretched position are 1-2 accounts;
  • exercise is done on the mat, standing on a rut;
  • include it in training to develop the strength of the press and create a strong corset, together with the bar;
  • to complicate the training can be the use of diagonal rentals;
  • you can not do the exercise with a sustanon-250 organon if there is a hernia or pain in the lower back;
  • the specified number of approaches is 2-3, the repetitions are 8-12.

Best Ab Roller Exercise Variations


The classic version is a rather difficult, but there are easier variations:

  • reverse rollout;
  • on fitball;
  • roller plank.

Exercise Roller for a Press Variation

According to the indicators of activity of the upper and lower muscles of the abs during various trainings (5 in total), the exercises with the sustanon 400 turned out to have the highest EMG values ​​in two areas: 80% in the upper and 85% in the lower (for comparison: second place is knee raise – 70% and 80%). It turns out that the best comprehensive training for the press is roller rental.

Crunch vs Ab Roller Workout


During crunches, the following occurs: contraction of the muscles of the abdomen and reduction of the distance between the ribs and hips. In the second exercise, i.e. an exercise with ab roller, the muscles of the abdomen throughout the trajectory perform a static, isometric contraction. When the sus 250 is rolled back, the distance between the hips and ribs is also reduced.

The most productive trainings for the press are considered to be those in which the third-party muscles (hip flexors) are minimally involved.

Performing crunches, they do not move, when the roller is rolled, the angle changes (increases when moving forward, decreases when returning to SP), i.e. flexors help the press. It turns out that crunching – training is more isolated, and with the sustanon steroid – more complex. And to compare two exercises aimed at solving different problems is not correct. Crunches are aimed at working out Well, the video is about creating a powerful corset and developing strength. The right decision is to use crunches (preferably on fitball) in one training day.

Plank Vs Ab Roller: What To Choose

Two exercises are similar: muscles contract isometrically, i.e. work in order to maintain the spine in a static position. The abs muscles of a standing and seated person work isometrically to support posture evenly. Therefore, the development of this force is important: it helps to keep the spine in the right position for a long time. Isometry is important when training with a barbell. Output. To not only build a six-pack, but also to develop the strength of the abdominal muscles, you need different ab exercises.


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