Standing dumbbell fly: features, how-to, proper form

Exercise Features:

The main muscle groups: Shoulders
Additional muscle groups: Back
For whom: For all categories of athletes
When to do: In the middle of a shoulder workout with sustanon 350 for sale. Before the dumbbell fly, do the seated or standing dumbbell or barbell press, and after them do the incline dumbbell fly

Standing Dumbbell Fly is one of the most effective deltoid exercises

A feature of training the muscle group of the shoulder is that all three muscles (front, middle and rear deltas) are in such a position relative to each other that with one exercise you can effectively load only one of the deltas. Sustanon 275 ideal for training medium deltas.

Dumbbell mahi

Dumbbell Fly Technique Of Execution:

  1. Stand straight with dumbbells in outstretched arms. The elbows should be close to the body, and the arms are turned with the palms inward. Put your feet shoulder width apart. This is the starting position.
  2. Without bending your arms and keeping your body motionless, as you exhale, raise your arms to the sides to shoulder height.
  3. Stop in this position to feel the tension in the muscles, and then inhale them, lower them to their original position. Tip: the effect of suston 250 will be greater if you turn your hand so that the knuckle of your little finger is slightly higher than other knuckles during lifting. This rotation takes place in the shoulder joint, and not in the wrist.
  4. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Back And Shoulder Workout Variations:

There are many options for dumbbell fly. For example, you can perform organon sustanon 250 lifts to the sides while sitting on a bench with or without back support, you can do lifts at the same time or in turn, take turns to approach different arms, etc. If you lift the dumbbells above shoulder level, trapeziums are included in the work. If you hold the dna sust 250 parallel to the ground, the average delta gets the whole load; if you lift your little fingers slightly at the upper point, the back delta will get an additional load, but the middle one will still play the main role.


While doing the dumbbell fly, keep your arms slightly bent at the elbows, this will help avoid joint injuries. Also, do not move your whole body or sway. In order not to injure your back, bend your knees slightly, this will help dampen load peaks when jerking.

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